Episode #11

Chantelle Love

Change: Deficit
View of Learners

Will we see a breakthrough in learning if parents and educators stop placing limitations on students’ learning capabilities? Learning expert Chantelle Love believes that a successful education starts with fostering a strong sense of self belief. Watch this episode to find out more!

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Guest Profile
Headshot of Chantelle Love

Chantelle Love

Education Consultant
Location: Adelaide, Australia


Looking back on your school years, were you ever told that a certain subject or skill wasn’t your thing? Statements like this can have a profound and sometimes lifelong impact on how we view ourselves. 

In our chat with Chantelle, she draws attention to both obvious and not-so-obvious environments where deficit views are imposed on learners, and gives insight into how we can start creating positive change.


Education consultant Chantelle Love works with adults and young people across Australia and around the world to cultivate curiosity, empathy and creativity in learning.

Starting her career as a teacher, Chantelle has accumulated 14 years of experience across states and sectors before moving into the television and film industry. However, the draw of the classroom eventually prevailed and Chantelle has since returned to the education sector as a Senior Consultant for NoTosh, where she thrives at being the critical friend who walks alongside leaders, teams and schools to ask the ‘true north’ questions that stimulate fresh thought and insight.

In 2020, Chantelle was featured in The Educator’s Hot List for her outstanding contributions in advancing education in STEM and entrepreneurial learning. She continues to strengthen the resilience of young people today through education and believes in the power of positive lifelong learning.

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