Episode #5

Ryan O'Hare

Change: Re-engineer Postgraduate Education

What will it take to take to re-engineer the way postgraduate education is delivered? CEO of Keypath Education for Australia and Asia-Pacific, Ryan O’Hare shares his perspective and insights about how a better customer (student) experience might reinvigorate postgraduate education to create a stronger lifelong learning experience.

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Guest Profile

Ryan O'Hare

CEO, Keypath Education Australia & Asia-Pacific
Location: Melbourne Australia


With over 15 years experience in higher education across the UK, North America and Australia, Ryan is committed to delivering postgraduate education worldwide. A believer in the power of accessible, lifelong education, Ryan is passionate about redesigning postgraduate education to meet the demands of today’s working world. 


Keypath Education provides the resources and expertise to help universities launch and grow successful online education programs. Connecting students and universities across the world, Keypath are facilitators of accessible education. Together with university partners, Keypath design online and low residency program models for busy working professional students, ensuring that everyone can access online education no matter who or where they are.

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