Episode #6

Stephanie McConnell

Change: How Schools Measure Success

Stephanie McConnell believes that success is an individual story for every student. In this episode, we ask the Principal of revolutionary state school Lindfield Learning Village for her perspective on why schools need to change the way they measure success.

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Guest Profile
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Stephanie McConnell

Principal, Lindfield Learning Village
Location: Lindfield, NSW


Stephanie began her career in the education industry as an English teacher at Merrylands High School in 1991. Fast forward 27 years and Stephanie has developed her skills and experience from time at Killara High School, Turramurra High School and most recently, Lindfield Learning Village, where she holds the role of Principal.

Stephanie has found teaching teenagers to be exciting, energising and insightful. She has realised that students need a personalised experience of education, one that caters for their individual interests and abilities. Her passion is to shift the ‘default position’ of education from a 19th Century model, to one which excels in meeting the needs of today’s youth, preparing them for a future where they need to be agile, flexible and adaptable learners.


Lindfield Learning Village’s curriculum is geared towards learning capability rather than age, meaning that students advance based on their progress rather than their year level. Each student has their own ‘learning pathway’, monitored by a ‘learning mentor’. Stephanie believes that helming this flagship school is an extraordinary opportunity and an enormous privilege, as the school could become a prototype for the future of education in New South Wales and beyond.

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