Episode #9

Stephen Harris

Change: Remove
Standardised Testing

Is there a better way to gauge a student’s learning ability if standardised testing were removed? Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer of LearnLife, Stephen Harris believes there is an alternative approach that allows students to be far more authentically involved in their education. Watch this episode to find out more!

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Guest Profile

Dr Stephen Harris

Co-founder & Chief Learning Officer, LearnLife
Location: Barcelona, Spain


Dr Stephen Harris is Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at LearnLife. Stephen is deeply passionate about seeing vital changes to education policy & practice occur during his working life. One way he is contributing to this change is through designing and creating a lifelong learning paradigm — where learning is personal and collaborative, technology is adaptive, spaces are radically different to the traditional mindset, and a community built on positive relationships is at the core.

Stephen has been in K-12 education for more than 40 years, 30 of which he has spent as a school leader. Between 1999 – 2017, Stephen was the Principal of Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS). Under his leadership, the school gained international recognition as an organisation that was noted for leading pedagogic change in schooling. In 2005, Stephen founded the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning. His vision was to embed innovation into everyday school practice. Stephen received recognition at the inaugural 2011 Australian Awards for Outstanding Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), as the Australian Secondary Principal of the Year (NSW). He was also recognised in 2017 as a recipient of the prestigious John Laing Award by Principals Australia Institute (PAI) presented to exceptional school leaders.


LearnLife was founded by a group of change-makers united by their passion to create a new lifelong learning paradigm. LearnLife Barcelona is a lighthouse hub – the pioneer space for lifelong learning in downtown Barcelona. A state-of-the-art learning community, it is the first in a worldwide network of learning hubs meant to accelerate change in existing education models through personal purpose-based based learning. It features a series of creative studios designed to inspire learners through evidence-driven best practices from innovative schools around the world.

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