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The question:

"If you could change one thing today in education, what would it be?​"

Change One Thing - Louka Parry

Episode 12

Watch time 6:47

Speaker: Louka Parry

Would you rather your child succeed in school or flourish in life? Education expert Louka Parry believes that it’s time for a fundamental mindset change in how we define success in today’s learning environments. Watch Louka’s episode to find out more!


Episode 11

Watch time 7:49

Speaker: Chantelle Love

Will we see a breakthrough in learning if parents and educators stop placing limitations on students’ learning capabilities? Learning expert Chantelle Love believes that a successful education starts with fostering a strong sense of self belief. Watch Chantelle’s episode to find out more!


Episode 10

Watch time 8:17

Speaker: Corey Tutt

As a part of 2020 NAIDOC week we had the privilege of talking to Young Australian of the year, Corey Tutt. He longs for a world where teachers that never lose that passion and fire that made them teachers in the first place, and for Indigenous knowledge to be a major part of Australia’s curriculum. Watch Corey’s video to find out more.


Episode 9

Watch time 8:25

Speaker: Dr Stephen Harris

Covid-19 is forcing us to rethink standardised testing in schools. Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer of LearnLife, Stephen Harris believes there is an alternative approach that allows students to be far more authentically involved in their education. Watch Stephen’s video to find out more.


Episode 8

Watch time 6:56

How We Prepare Students for Work

Speaker: Dr Kate Cornick

Is our education system equipping students well enough to bring their best to the workforce? CEO of LaunchVic Kate Cornick believes that students need to have some extra skills on top of just having a particular knowledge about a subject when they graduate. Stay tuned for more! Watch Kate’s video to find out more.

Jan-Owen-Website Still-1600x900-RGB-4

Episode 7

Watch time 4:58

The Word 'Education'​

Speaker: Jan Owen (AM Hon DLitt)

Is the biggest problem with education the word ‘education’? Social entrepreneur and CEO of the Foundation of Young Australians Jan Owen wants to change the way we talk and think about what it means to learn in our rapidly changing world. Watch Jan’s video to find out more.

Steph-McConnell-Website Still-RGB

Episode 6

Watch time 6:56

How Schools Measure Success

Speaker: Stephanie McConnell

Stephanie McConnell believes that success is an individual story for every student. In this episode, we ask the Principal of revolutionary state school Lindfield Learning Village for her perspective on why schools need to change the way they measure success. Watch Stephanie’s video to find out more.


Episode 5

Watch time 1:35

Re-engineer Postgraduate Education

Speaker: Ryan O'Hare

What will it take to take to re-engineer the way postgraduate education is delivered? CEO of Keypath Education for Australia & Asia-Pacific, Ryan O’Hare shares his perspective about how a better customer (student) experience might reinvigorate postgraduate education to create a stronger lifelong learning experience. Watch Ryan’s video to find out more.


Episode 4

Watch time 5:08

Gender Equality in Tech Ed

Speaker: Samantha Floreani

How do we create a more inclusive and diverse tech industry for a future that will be heavily tech-focused? Samantha Floreani from Code Like A Girl explains the importance of gender equality in tech education. Watch Samantha’s video to find out more.

Change One Thing | Peter Hutton Image

Episode 3

Watch time 1:35

Student-led Learning

Speaker: Peter Hutton

What will it take to change the course of education? Peter’s answer? Well, let’s just say he’s not going to be satisfied by simply changing one thing. Watch Peter’s video to find out more.


Episode 2

Watch time 3:11

Human-Centred Education

Speaker: Sophie Fenton

Has the focus of education changed as society and technology evolves? Education pioneer Sophie Fenton firmly believes that repositioning humanness at the centre will enhance, rather than diminish learning experiences. Watch Sophie’s video to find out more.


Episode 1

Watch time 3:11

Single Number Assessment

Speaker: Tom Bentley

Why do we, as a society, place so much weight and importance to something as simplistic and limiting as a number to convey status and achievement? Watch Tom’s video to find out more. 

Watch time 6:48

Speaker: Lucas Walsh

Is it the role of education to prepare students for an uncertain future? Professor of Education Lucas Walsh questions this approach as potentially problematic and needing to be challenged. Watch Lucas’s episode to find out more!


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